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10 Great Ways Photographers Can Use Print Media

10 Great Ways Photographers Can Use Print Media

There are many different and unique ways photographers can use print media to build relationships with customers and market their services. The following types of print media are the most common ways for photographers to use print media, but many photographers only use about one or two. Consider expanding your marketing to new forms of printing and you can build stronger relationships and serve a whole new audience.

1. Business cards are the basic marketing tool for every business. Every photographer should carry business cards with him or her wherever they go. You never know when you will run into someone who needs a photographer for portraits, a wedding, a party, etc. Ask local businesses if you could leave your business card at their check out counter for customers to pick up. Hand business cards out at shows and expos with your brochures or flyers in case customers need to carry your contact information with them, but don’t want to carry around sheets of paper. Be creative with your photography business card because business cards make a lasting first impression.

2. Brochures are one of the many options for displaying your photographic service prices. Choose from a variety of different brochures for one that best fits the amount of information you want to provide your customer with. Use different panels for different types of photography, such as senior portraits, wedding packages, baby pictures, and any other types of photography you might offer. Be creative with your brochure and use full-color printing to show-off some of your best work. If you want to make your brochure more valuable, try adding a coupon to one of the panels to encourage customers to take advantage of your services.

3. Booklets are another option for providing pricing and package information to your customers. Booklets to tend to be a little longer than brochures, and instead of folding like brochures, booklets are typically bound in the middle, similar to a catalog. Booklets are growing in popularity and custom templates can be found online at affordable prices. Booklets allow you enough space to include larger pictures and more information than brochures or flyers. Include customer testimonials and background information about the photographers to add value to your custom booklet.

4. Calendars are a unique marketing tool that many photographers have probably not considered before. Calendar printing for photographers require creative thinking. There are many different ways for photographers to use calendars to their marketing advantage. For each month, use different pictures that depict that month well, and include any important dates on your calendar. If you want to increase the return on your investment, include monthly specials that encourage customers to take advantage of your services.

5. Postcard printing is ideal for following up on customers who expressed interest in your photography services but never ordered anything. Use custom postcards to reach out and show customers that you care and are interested in helping them. Another great use for postcards is to send out reminders for upcoming sessions or events. If you are going to be a certain expo, let customers know in case they want to stop by your booth. Many people book photographers months in advance to insure they get the photographer they want, and postcards are the perfect way to remind customers of their appointment. You can also use postcards to inform past customers of upcoming specials. If they were thinking about booking a session, a postcard with special pricing might just convince them to go ahead and book with you.

6. Greeting cards are an excellent way to keep in touch with old customers. Sending out birthday and holiday greeting cards to past customers lets them know you are still interested in how they are doing. You also remind those customers about your business and it puts you back at the top of their mind. Constant branding is good for any business because it helps create relationships between you and the customer. Sending greeting cards to your customers shows you have an interest in them and care about building a relationship in the future. You might even include special offers in your greeting cards to add value to them.

7. Flyers are optimal for handing out to potential clients to get their interest in your photography services. Use your custom flyer to draw potential clients in, giving them information about pricing, package options, and booking details. Include any contact information, such as phone number and Web site addresses, so they can see your sample images and contact you for more information. Hand your custom flyers out at bridal shows or other conventions where you have a booth setup. Go to local photography stores or boutiques and hang up flyers advertising your services. Flyer printing is an affordable advertising method that will help spread the word about your photography services.

8. Letterhead is another essential that all businesses should have. Use custom letterhead for all your customer correspondence needs. From invoices to late payment notices, custom letterhead is professional, while still being informative. Be sure to include your business logo, name, phone numbers, Web sites and mailing address on your letterhead so the customer has all your contact information. All businesses should have letterhead because it is more official than plain, white paper, and shows that you are serious about your photography services and business.

9. Envelope printing goes hand in hand with letterhead printing. If you plan to use letterhead for your business, you should order matching envelopes to brand your business. Plain, white envelopes look cheap and unprofessional, but by having envelopes that match the rest of your marketing pieces, you are constantly branding your business to anyone who sees the envelope. Besides just using envelope printing for your customer correspondence, order custom catalog and booklet envelopes to mail pictures in. If a customer orders prints from you, catalog and booklet envelopes are perfect for mailing their prints. Take advantage of envelope printing to brand your business name and create a unique look on all your mail correspondence.

10. CD/DVD sleeves are the perfect packaging for your photography CDs and DVDs. If you are giving digital negatives to your customers, create custom CD sleeves to put them in. Not only does CD sleeve printing look amazing, but it also tells your customers that you really care and want all your products to be of the highest quality. DVD sleeves are also perfect to hand out at shows and conventions with slideshow samples of your work. CD and DVD sleeves are perfect for branding your company name and definitely stand out against standard clear jewel cases and plastic covers.

Photography is a growing industry, and it is becoming more and more competitive each day. Use printing to your advantage in order to compete in the growing industry and to stand out in crowd. The more you brand your company with print media, the more customers you will receive.