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5 Hot Project Management Trends for 2014

5 Hot Project Management Trends for 2014

As we reach the second quarter of 2014, we are seeing some exciting trends emerging in the world of project management. Within these, there are five key trends we are seeing across the globe which project managers really should be sitting up and taking notice of. Here are our five hottest trends of 2014 so far.

1. More projects are moving to the cloud

As the ‘cloud’ becomes a bit of a buzz word for offsite, secure hosting of pretty much anything we want, we are seeing so many more projects moving their schedules into virtual storage. Cloud based project management tools such as Wrike, LiquidPlanner and Gantter are competing directly with office based applications, and are proving to be cost effective reliable and functional across the PM world.

2. Online collaboration has increased

In this modern age of social networking and instant messaging, it is hardly surprising that these conveniences have made their way into the project management sphere too. Web based document sharing is being replaced by intuitive collaboration tools such as Trello, tibbr and Asana as a more powerful way of working collectively on documents and projects.

3. Distributed teams are on the rise

With the rise in cloud based management and online collaboration, the ability to utilise human resources from all over the world has influenced a significant rise in distributed teams. The use of freelancers has increased too, with many firms realising the benefits of hiring in expert help on short term contracts over employing someone in house.

4. Agile is on the rise

Agile project management was once restricted to companies involved in IT and software development projects, but now the benefits of this type of project management method are encouraging more diverse industries to adopt Agile. It is seen as a solution to that age old problem of building in faults doing the delivery process, and companies are working hard to get their heads around how exactly to do Agile because they know it will be better for their outcomes.

5. Resource management is tighter than ever

With more processes being streamlined, automate and managed electronically, being able to see what is in the project pipeline is easier than ever before. Now project managers and business owners are able to see better who is doing what and who has capacity, enabling them to use their human and physical resources more wisely rather than guestimating what their capacity is. Better resource management is leading to more efficiency in businesses in general, which is an essential trend as the UK starts to climb its way out of the economic slump.

It’s a great thing that we are seeing such a rapid uptake of new technology in the project management sector and new project management courses to help PMs stay informed of the latest developments. As more companies look to use the latest software and tools to make their business run better, we will no doubt see even more developments hitting the market before the end of the year. All this will undoubtedly result in a faster, better and cheaper delivery for the client and improved project success rates, which has to be a good thing, right? What trends are you seeing in your project management environment so far this year?