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Environmental Hazards In Africa – Save Our Community of Africa

Environmental Hazards In Africa – Save Our Community of Africa

Harmful Neighborhood AND ENVINROMENT: Preserve OUR Group AFRICA

Human beings have likely been altering their community environments given that arriving in the scene as a distinctive species several hundred thousand decades in the past. Our debut as major actors on the global phase – actors comparable in affect to the common roles played by erosion, volcanism, organic range, and the like- is a considerably more the latest phenomenon. This dates back at most several thousand decades, but has accelerated enormously in scope and influence above the past several hundreds of years. According to Crutzen (2002) ” We reside right now in what may be called the “Anthropocene” – a new geologic epoch in which human form has emerged as a globally considerable – and perhaps clever – power able of reshaping the face of the planet”. The Italian geologist Anthonio Stoppani (1873) was describing humanity’s functions as a “new telluric pressure, which in electrical power and universality might be compared to the bigger forces of the Earth”. Various worldwide conferences have been held to deal with environmental difficulties. Illustrations are, UN convention on Setting and Improvement (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, 1992, Planet summit on Sustainable Advancement, held in Johannesburg in 2002, etcetera. The will need for harnessing science and engineering in help of endeavours to achieve the purpose of environmentally sustainable human progress in the Anthropocene was typically regarded at the Johannesburg Summit. Environmental dangers are up to date challenge in Africa but ahead of I delve into the causes of the troubles and some answers, I would give some definitions and capabilities of atmosphere. I shall also use Nigeria (an African State) as a situation analyze mainly because of the limits of the work.

DEFINITIONS AND Characteristics OF Ecosystem

The unfortunate older, mistaken and simplistic definition of atmosphere is that it is the useful resource that was developed for human use. It is that mechanical aspect that exists to serve human beings. This definition is regrettable and completely wrong for it defined ecosystem as some thing inanimate a thing in at that exists exclusively for human recreation pleasures and requires. The qualifications to this definition contains the anthropological, spiritual, psychological, financial and philosophical explanations of the origin and nature of the surroundings. Ecosystem is also outlined as the all-natural in which individuals, animals and plants are living. Uchebu (1998) classified the atmosphere into actual physical and non-actual physical. The bodily natural environment consists of land (Terrestrial) Air, Water (Acquatic) environments and non-physical – cultural and socio- economic setting. The atmosphere consequently features in accordance to Kankwenda (2001) as:

(1) A source of raw products and power (non – renewable assets)
(2) A provider of services this sort of as upkeep of climatic technique/steadiness and ecological cycle (renewable means) together with forest, agriculture land, drinking water and many others
(3) And a sink for squander.


Environmental troubles are about the central situation of the twentieth and 20-to start with (20th -21st ) centuries. This is simply because the dangers, which are contained in it, are as deep and grave as they are long long lasting in its impact to Male and the eco-process alone. In accordance to the “Awake” magazine, mankind is presently sitting down on a time-bomb on account of environmental effects possibly in variety of weaponry and/or pollutions and dangers such as flooding, drought, soil erosion, deforestation, volcanity, earthquakes, radio-chemical dangers and many others.

Nigeria as a nation encompasses numerous local climate which involves and sraddles many physiographic units. There are many ecological zones ranging from Sahel Savanna, Sudan Savanna and Guinea Savanna via Rain forest to Mangroves and Swamp forests. The several ecological zones react in a different way to the effect of human pursuits by virtue of their purely natural anxiety reaction abilities and inherent have abilities. The Sahelian Savanna is extremely susceptible to desertification the Sudan Savanna can scarcely cope with human pressures emanating from fast rising populations, fuel woods, harvesting and cattle grazing. The Guinea zone is ordinarily subjected to pressures as a normal buffer in between the encroaching desert and the forest belt. The Rain forest belt is less than extreme tension by means of very poor regulation and in excess of-exploitation of forest products and other economic things to do that result in clearing of vast place of land. Compounding this, in particular in the Niger Delta location, is the big scale exploration, exploitation and processing things to do by the petroleum business, which have left their effects by means of crude oil and petroleum item spillages, gasoline flaring – related difficulties, land degradation and depletion of farm lands, h2o air pollution and deterioration of essential habitats for fish inventory. Event of soil and gully erosion, specifically in the japanese portion of Nigeria, flooding in the very low lying belt of mangrove and contemporary drinking water swamps, and uncontrolled logging with its inherent challenges of destruction and decline of bio-variety have immensely contributed in the direction of further more exacerbation of the deteriorating environmental situation.

The previously mentioned are the different results in and results of environmental hazards in Nigeria. But there are key visible changes in the environment as a end result of human strain on it. These include viz

(1) Reduction of biodiversity ensuing in lowered wide range of genetic strains, species and ecosystems, depletion and extinction of species and so forth.
(2) Rising charge of soil degradation and desertification as effectively as air and h2o pollution.
(3) Maximize in eco-friendly houses gases that are predicted to lead to an boost in the indicate world temperature of 200 to 500C.(World Warming)
(4) Huge release of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) into the stratosphere ensuing in rising ultraviolet radiation from the sunshine because of to depletion of ozone layer


The prognosis for continued and sustainable advancements in human perfectly getting on a transformed setting is, at greatest, guarded. The two broad causes of environmental hazards are the industrially brought about environmental pollution and the wasteful non-public consumption by whole populace living less than modern day urban ailments. Whereas the previous evil is finished by a really restricted number of humanity, the latter is perpetrated by the total humanity whose greed has been fired by promoting subsequent the industrial age to want to have extra and more things and wastes the means of mother nature. As a result, though political laws, rules, civil actions/stress teams can force industries to safeguard the ecosystem. This sort of coercive and institutional measures can not do the job for the air pollution by the total citizenry. Alternatively a change of mind-set and motion toward environmental sustainability would be dependent on the voluntary action of people today. Simply because whatsoever has an effect on and pollutes the ecosystem is also of impact to us. I therefore canvass for an solution or relation among guy and surroundings identified as “Ecocentrism”. The spirit guiding this strategy is to posit that environment is actually animate in the sense of currently being alive. It is hence improper to interpret ecosystem as inert or inanimate.

Thus, the functional way ahead for person to look at environmental pollution and hazards in accordance to Chigbo Joseph are viz

– Restrict use of methods to a minimum and devise approaches to use squander merchandise in production.
– Producing optimum use of the bodily electricity of the human human body in buy to preserve larger human overall health.
– Warning on use of the artificials additives to food items and other chemical products and be mindful that damage almost invariably accompanies regardless of what good these substances do.
– Researchers and technologists to be ethically/humbly centered in their research and output
– Leaders to be imbued with the consciousness of preserving gentleman and the planet earth in their decisions.

In addition to the previously mentioned, there ought to be establishment of regulatory companies with various powers to observe and efficiently management the sources of pollutants. Case in point is FEPA – Federal Environmental Security Company/Federal Ministry of Atmosphere.

In a nutshell, the setting is a complex and delicate process which (I) if correctly managed it can be geared to productive and domestic aesthetic and even non secular prerequisites (ii) when improperly managed, the surroundings could very easily grow to be hazardous and threatening to human survival.