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How to Make Money On YouTube – Secret Monetizing Strategy

How to Make Money On YouTube – Secret Monetizing Strategy

How to Make Money on YouTube

There are a whole lot of people who post videos on YouTube every day day in and day out. Unfortunately, only a tiny handful of those people actually realize that it’s possible for them to monetize the videos that they are putting on YouTube.

There’s a multitude of different ways that you can hop on YouTube and let it make money for you. A large majority of the people who make money from YouTube are primarily and some form of home-based business in most cases.

However, there are always different means of monetizing YouTube. You can promote your home-based business inside your videos, affiliate marketing products, or possibly even sell your own tangible products.

There’s still one additional way to make money from YouTube that most people don’t know about, and that is the purpose of this article today.

The YouTube Monetization Program

Once you become a partner of the monetization program through YouTube it actually allows you to insert advertisements within your videos. Anytime one of your advertisements is viewed or clicked on inside of the video then you are going to be paid for each click and/or viewing.

The rules to qualify for the program are fairly modest as long as you’re not promoting any type of vulgarity or hate in your videos and are 18 years old you’ll be accepted. Some of you reading this may already have hundreds of existing YouTube videos that you can go into your channel settings and add the monetization feature to right this minute.

For those of you who are interested in getting started on YouTube now you have an actual method that you can make money online without the necessity for joining a home-based business or even needing any advertising dollars or capital.

What Are the Best Type of Videos to Monetize?

Me personally, with the type of personality that I have I really enjoy comedy and laughter and things of that nature. So obviously what I would do is post as many funny videos as I possibly could. Comical videos tend to go viral a lot faster than most other types of videos.

Of course second to comical videos will be tragic or dramatic types of videos. You know this to be true simply from watching the evening news on a daily basis. The next thing I want to cover is what should you be doing with your videos after you’ve added the monetization feature.

How to Get More Viewers so You Can Make More Money

There is actually a multitude of ways that you can get more people looking at your YouTube videos and I’ll cover a couple here today but I won’t go into extreme depth because there’s simply just too many. The first way you can begin to get tons of viewers looking at your videos is to put them on Facebook.

When it comes to the internet your goal is to go where the eyeballs are. At the current time the most popular websites on the entire internet are Google, Facebook, and YouTube. So clearly those are the three locations that you want to drive traffic from.

On Facebook there’s multiple ways that you can actually drive traffic and viewers to your new videos. Here’s just a couple of methods that you could use:

On your Facebook wall

In Facebook groups

Facebook fan pages

Instant Messaging

Facebook pay per click

Tagging other people in your posts

Just that handful of methods alone is plenty enough to get hundreds of visitors every time you add a new video to your Facebook wall or in Facebook groups.

Of course, another factor in the results that you get from utilizing social media is the amount of followers/friends that you have on your profile. When it comes to social media you definitely want to be taking advantage of “The Big Five”. The big five consists of sites like:






Those are the big five social media sites that will get you tons of traffic to your new videos. Of course the more traffic that you get to your videos the more people that will click on your advertisements that show within your videos – ultimately leading to more dollars in your pocket.

If you follow the steps mentioned here in this article and go out and produce tons of videos you will start to see some income from the YouTube monetization program. Just be sure not to make it difficult on yourself because your videos can be about literally anything.

So simply whip out your camera phone and find something that you like to talk about and record yourself with your camera phone. It really could be that simple. Just one last tip, whatever that you have the most interest in comes to you most naturally.

So whatever comes to you easiest is going to be the thing that you can do the most of. The more you do the more you will make. Now you know how to make money on YouTube, so get out there and start making tons of videos and at the monetization feature!