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Making Network Marketing Work For You

Making Network Marketing Work For You

“Word of mouth” marketing, known as WOMM, is zczscszdc zxdcdxzv cx a term used in the business industry to describe activities companies use to generate sales through referrals and personal recommendations.

This form of advertising is highly recommended among advertisers. It’s believed that this form of communication is more credible than other forms of promotion. Most people will believe a recommendation that comes from someone they know. “Word of mouth” advertising gives an advantage to small companies because it is usually very inexpensive, but it can be time consuming.

Successful “word of mouth” marketing can create Buzz. This is when the media picks up about a product and it becomes a “hot topic” to talk about. This can happen when a small group of people successfully use your product, they then tell their friends about it, who then tell their friends. For this to be successful you must have a way to get your message out about your valuable service.The easest way to start “word of mouth” networking, is by joining networking groups.

A good group for beginners is BNI. The chamber of commerce is also a valuable group and allows you to get noticed by larger companies. Another source is to join community service groups, such as the Lions Group. BNI is a networking group that only allows one professional from each industry to join. The group then acts as a referral source for its members. For example, a group may have a real estate agent. The real estate agent gets a client and then refers her client to the home inspector member of the group and the mortgage person of the group. Another advantage of this organization is that it is highly structured and runs seminars teaching “word of mouth” networking. This is a good organization for start up companies with little or no business experience.

The chamber of commerce allows you to get into contact with larger companies such as banks and marketing firms. This is accomplished through what are called “Chamber Mixers.” These meetings allow members to mingle with one another. One must have experience in how to introduce themselves since they may not see the member again and have about 1 minute to make a first impression.

Becoming involved in community service organizations is another way to network and spread your message around. A good group to start with is the Lions Club. They are mostly made of business men. They focus on how to better the community and the businesses within. Besides the Lions group there are organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, which specializes in building houses for the poor.

A successful “word of mouth” marketing strategy is not only an effective means of building your business but provides both a social and learning outlet. A useful website is I hope you find these sites useful and wish you luck in your “word of mouth” marketing campaign.