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Mastermind Groups For Professional Women?

Mastermind Groups For Professional Women?

When Napoleon Hill introduced the mastermind group in his book “Think and Grow Rich” he explained the concept of its power in this way, “No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.” For Professional women who want to get ahead, have a definite purpose and have a commitment to themselves and others this can be a powerful tool.

Focusing on a particular person’s needs and goals offers the opportunity to see things in new ways and to overcome the fear of change. Many people find excellent candidates for a mastermind group within professional networking circles. Imagine a group of women, focused on helping each other’s development with an understanding in their own or a different field and an understanding of professional women’s issues, joining together and sparking each other’s careers.

That is the ideal but there are rules, and when these don’t happen groups tend to break down. One of the most important rules of a mastermind group is to have an agenda. If there is no agenda things tend to drift off and go round in circles. The agenda needs to be circulated so each member of the group (the ideal number is considered 5-10) has time to consider it.

Focusing on the agenda is important. It is recommended that one woman’s issue, plan etc be focused on at a time. This means sometimes having to have the patience to wait your turn. Really focusing on one thing at a time is a big part to finding creative solutions within the group.

Commitment is perhaps the biggest thing required for an effective mastermind group. A person not being able to make it to a group meeting is probably the number one reason most mastermind groups fail. Professional women are very busy people, so where can you possibly find the extra time?

The answer is to use an online forum. Many women find it works just fine to use a forum they already belong to. In this way you can set up a thread with the agenda ready to go and a starting date defined. Your mastermind group should have at least a week or more to mull over the agenda. Set a start time for the ‘meeting’ and let it run perhaps two days. Spreading the meeting over a couple of days gives each woman a chance to ‘attend’ and contribute when it is convenient for her.

Mastermind groups can and do work. One of the best things about professional women is that they know how to be committed and know how to be flexible. With everyone in the group understanding just what the special professional women’s issues are there is no end to what can be achieved.