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MLM Network Marketing Training Tips For Newcomers to Network Marketing

MLM Network Marketing Training Tips For Newcomers to Network Marketing

MLM and Network Marketing is a tough business to be involved in and that’s part of the reason why so many people delve into niche marketing and selling information products.  At the bottom of this article is a list of some of the network marketing “secrets” you may not know yet.

There’s actually more to be gained percentage-wise and commissions-wise for eBook sellers than there is for people selling or promoting network marketing products. However, with network marketing there’s a lot more leverage involved so you end up getting back whatever you passed up in commission percentages by leveraging your efforts with team building.  In the long-run, building a good team will be well worth the effort, but you need to build longevity and multiple streams of income, too.

In this attraction marketing industry you’ll see a lot of people trying to sell you leads or selling you on a system that’s supposed to guarantee you get hundreds, if not thousands of leads on your own.  You should ask yourself, if these people are selling such high quality leads, then why don’t they just use them for themselves first?

What these people are doing is selling you picks and shovels because they haven’t had much success with promoting other programs themselves.  Also, when people are trying to entice you into getting their lead generation system, they’re most likely an affiliate trying to get you to buy the system through their affiliate link.  This is called back-door recruiting via selling those aforementioned picks and shovels and it works well.

If you see someone who’s branding themselves as a top earner in a certain program, do some research on them on the internet and see if they have any other sites out there.  See if they’re truly network marketing experts, and do some due diligence before you join them, and/or any other program.  Most network marketers only have single-page squeeze page websites and their follow up messages are mostly hype drivel.  They’re promising you easy and instant riches and their method for obtaining their alleged super awesome income is selling people dreams of easy, instant income.  The truly successful marketers know that people want and need some quality information delivered to them before they start trusting you, and once the trust is gained, you still need to help people see results with their efforts if/when they join the program being promoted.

These are some of the network marketing secrets a lot of marketers are afraid to reveal publicly because these are the exact methods they’re using to recruit new people into their primary programs. you should know that there are no real secrets to internet marketing but if there were some here’s what they’d be:

  • Reverse-selling is the fast and quickest way to get people to join your program.  It’s as annoying as heck to be on the “wrong” side of a reverse-selling relationship but extremely beneficial to you if you’re on the recruiting side of it.
  • Pay per click advertising is almost as fast but costs money and you really need to know what you’re doing there.  during new program product launches, people are driving the costs per click up like crazy because they’re all vying for the top 3 spots.
  • Emphasizing the programs’ products instead of the opportunity is a mistake a large percentage of IBO and distributors make which is why so many fail.  Most programs have similar products and ingredients, and it’s the opportunity and income potential these programs represent that will make people want to join, not getting some health products delivered to their door.
  • If you’re not branding yourself somehow then you’re not going to achieve much success with whatever you promote.