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Web-Based Project Management – The Advantages Over Offline Tools

Web-Based Project Management – The Advantages Over Offline Tools

Project management tools are not only important to the success of your endeavor, but they are also important to making sure that the project gets done on time and under budget. Companies had resisted using the Internet as a project management tool because of the open nature of the Internet. Now that security has been enhanced significantly on the web, more companies are transitioning to web-based project management and they are impressed with the results. There are several reasons why the web makes managing functions so much easier and why so many companies are moving their monitoring operations to the web.

Web-based project management allows you to use some of the other powerful tools available in the cloud to enhance project functions. For example, when you are able to integrate functions such as Google docs or other file sharing services into your management platform, you can access templates and other important documents from anywhere. You can use RSS feeds to track projects and stay up to date on all the changes. When you utilize the power of the cloud, you are able to become more efficient with your project administration duties.

One of the key time-saving functions of web-based project management is the ability to share data in a variety of ways. You can email your project schedule to the people that need to see it or you can designate that all of your project supervisors as admins on your online project software and allow everyone the instant access they need to key project information. You can also download the data you need to a portable drive and use it on any computer on the jobsite. The ability to instantly share up to date information will make your entire project team much more efficient and get the job done right the first time.

Not only can you share information instantly with web-based project management tools, but you can also interact with people instantly. You can use real-time communication for online discussions to converse about changes to a project schedule or budget with people located anywhere in the world. A project manager no longer has to stop his day to attend a meeting in an office where decisions are made. The manager and the office personnel can meet on the web to have discussions about the project which will speed up the process of implementing changes. It will allow projects to move forward much quicker and allow project leaders to be away more often.