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William and Kate – The Prince, His Princess, and Their King’s Numerology

William and Kate – The Prince, His Princess, and Their King’s Numerology

[Prenote: As a result of updated birth data, this article has been completely rewritten from its original publication date on of 4 April 2011 during a Mercury Retrograde. The current article and its assessments are solely based on the natal data of Prince William’s birth name-William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor and his date of birth-21 June 1982, and Kate Middleton’s birth name-Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, born 9 January 1982.]

[Disclaimer: This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Prince William or his wife, Kate Middleton. It is offered simply as a means of relating the numbers in their King’s Numerology charts with their marriage and life together to further the understanding of numerology as a science.]

He is the son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and the legendary Queen of Hearts, Diana, Princess of Wales. She is a collegiately educated fashion icon. Their wedding date is 29 April 2011 at 11:00am in Westminster Abbey, London, England. What do the numerology charts of William and Kate reveal about them and their relationship?

• Is their relationship a true love match?

• What motivates William at his core?

• What is Kate’s primary desire?

• Are there any dangers in their marriage?

• Will their marriage be royal bliss or a royal bust?

• Does their relationship satisfy each of their most primal desires?

The Loveline/Basic Matrix

To answer these questions and more, let’s first look at the Loveline or Basic Matrix of both William and Kate. The loveline in the King’s Numerology is an overview of the individual and his or her destiny. Comprised of eight parts, the loveline houses the secret keys to love and attraction.

1. Lifepath – literally the path one is to follow in life; also the script of one’s life

2. Expression – the individual with full potentials, assets, and liabilities

3. Performance Experience (PE) – The role the person will play in life

4. Soul – Primary needs, wants, desires, and motivations

5. Material Soul (MS) – Secondary needs, wants, desires, and motivations

6. Nature – Primary personality and manner of doing things

7. Material Nature (MN) – Secondary personality and manner of doing things

8. Voids – Missing numbers (energies) in the birth name

Prince William – Loveline(Birth data: William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor; 21 June 1982)

1. Lifepath – 2

2. Expression – 9

3. Performance Experience (PE) – 2

4. Soul – 8

5. Material Soul – 1

6. Nature – 1

7. Material Nature – 3

8. Voids none

William’s Lifepath and PE – 2.

William’s 2 Lifepath is the same as that of his father, Prince Charles. It is anchored in life lessons involving relationship, partnership, teamwork, others, and female energy. This 2 has roots of 29 and 47 which bring power, service, introspection, and potential struggles and tensions into his life via relationships of varying kinds and types.

This 2 Lifepath also harmonizes with William’s PE or Performance/Experience, the role he will give in life. Thus, the lessons he will be learning in life (both positive and negative) as well as his role in life, strongly focus on relationship, partnership, teamwork, support, and female energy. Obviously, the legacy of his mother, the relationship between her and his father, Diana’s own relationships in her childhood and adult life, her 2 life PE, his father’s relationship with Camilla, and now his own relationship with Kate, as well as his relationship with the English people as potentially being their future king, clearly reflect this 2 energy.

The master number associated with the simple number 2 is the 11. Its spiritual side is balance and peace; its negative side is deception and war. The 11 master number can be very inspirational, and if William is to ever be King of England, this 2 energy will serve him very well. After all, the concept of relationship was his mother’s legacy to the world… and to him and his brother, Harry.

William’s Expression – 9

The number 9 in numerology is powerful. Its symbol is the crown. The number 9 is labeled as the “grand elemental” in the King’s Numerology system. Not only does the number 9 blend with all other numbers perfectly, it is all numbers. When 9 is added to any single number, the outcome is always the number to which the 9 was added. For example, 9 plus 2 equals 11. When the ones of the eleven binary are added together, the result is a 2, so in essence the 9 reflects the 2 upon itself. So it is with all the single ciphers added to the 9. The result is always that number.

Additionally, when the single numbers 1 to 9 are added together the result is a 9 (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 45; 4 + 5 = 9). These qualities of the 9 make it not only very dynamic, charismatic, and magnetic but also chameleon-esque, giving it the ability to blend with any number. Thus, the 9 is an excellent number for anyone in a power position. Certainly, the 9 is perfect for a person being a king or a queen.

The Expression represents the individual in all his assets and liabilities. Because William’s Expression is a 9, he is in an excellent position to be England’s monarch one day. The 2 and 9 combination which he has in his chart is perfect for his life.

William’s Soul – 8

In numerology, 8 is the number of management, administration, orchestration, coordination, business, commerce, social interaction, involvement, and status. When 8 is in the Soul component of a chart, it represents a person whose desires, needs, wants, and motivations are to manage, administrate, etc. Therefore, having 8 in the Soul position also bodes well for William’s life. This 8 energy is what motivates William at his core.

William’s Material Soul and Nature – 1

The Material Soul is a secondary energy of wants, needs, and desires. Because William’s Material Soul is a 1, he has a desire to be a leader, doer, and father figure, whether “father” is to his own personal family or his nation family. This 1 energy also occupies his Nature, giving him a leader’s personality.

William’s Material Nature – 3

The number 3 is the most affable number in numerology. It is communicative, embracing, generally positive and fun to be around. A person with a 3 Nature or Material Nature has an ability to see the silver lining in every dark cloud.

Given his 9 Expression, 2 LP and 2 PE; 8 Soul; 1 Material Soul; 1 Nature and 3 Material Nature, William is fitted quite nicely to be the King of England one day. Whether he will be or will not be remains to be seen. However, the numbers in his chart bode well for such a future.


Kate Middleton – Loveline(Birth data: Catherine Elizabeth Middleton; 9 January 1982)

1. Lifepath – 3

2. Expression – 6

3. Performance Experience (PE) – 9

4. Soul – 6

5. Material Soul – 99-9

6. Nature – 9

7. Material Nature – 3

8. Void – 7

The 3-6-9 Artistic Triad

Perhaps the most noticeable thing in Kate Middleton’s loveline is that all of the numbers are 3, 6, and 9. This 3-6-9 configuration is referenced as the “Artistic Triad” in the King’s Numerology. This certainly reflects Kate’s association with her university degree in the History of Art, as well as her flair for fashion.

Kate’s Lifepath and Material Nature (MN) – 3

Kate’s 3 Lifepath, corroborated by her 3 Material Nature (worldly personality), involves issues of communication, art, media, joy, pleasure, beauty, fashion, ease of living, health, and children. This 3 energy makes her very affable, pleasant, and easy to engage conversationally. One of the cautions of the number 3 is that it can also bring a sense of entitlement to an individual if one is not anchored in humility and self-responsibility. Generally, however, 3 is a very good number for friendships, ease of living, communication, self-expression, positive self-image, health, and approachability.

Kate’s Expression and Soul – 6

Kate’s 6 Expression (who she is in total) resonates well with her 6 Soul defining her affinity for home, beauty, and love. Because her basic needs match who she is, she is quite comfortable with herself. The 6 governs issues of the heart, family, the domestic environment, beauty, harmony, devotion, and most of all, personal love. Because the 6 is in her Soul, these are the things she needs, wants, and desires more than anything. She wants a family, is motivated by love, personal compassion and compatibility, and would love being a mother and nurturer of others. This gives her energy a softness that is quite pleasing and attractive. It is especially conducive to a princess or a queen. There are no hard edges to her 6 energy.

Kate’s Role of Life, Material Soul and Nature – 9

The number 9 plays a major role in Middleton’s life. It rules her PE (the role or performance she will give on the great life stage), her Material Soul (worldly desires), and her Material Nature (worldly personality). Of note is that her Material Soul has a powerful 99 master root which magnifies the single energies of the 9 eleven times! Nine is the energy of rulership, universality, power, dominance, expansion, the public stage, art, theater, education, and philanthropy. In essence, Kate is motivated not simply by personal love and the home life (her 6 Soul and 6 Expression) but also by the energy of the public stage, art, power, dominance, rulership, and all things universal. Such a concentration of 9 energy makes her quite suited to be a princess, duchess, or “Her Royal Highness”.

Frankly, Middleton’s 3-6-9 triset in her loveline/basic matrix bodes very well for the position she is assuming as the wife of a potential future King of England. She has both the energies of personal love (6) and universal compassion (9), as well as a sense of communication, art, beauty, and approachability.

Kate and Princess Diana

It would be unfair to judge Kate by the life of Princess Diana. They are very different people with different destinies. Diana’s life is fully explained in the book, Blueprint of a Princess: Diana Frances Spencer – Queen of Hearts. A brief overview of Princess Diana’s extreme power and purpose in her life are related in the online exposition, Princess Diana of Wales – Long Live the Queen of Hearts, and in the poem Princess Diana – Reflections, A Tribute. Rather, it is appropriate and accurate to view Kate as Kate. One can compare and contrast the two women but to judge one by the other would be highly inappropriate. Each of them is special in their own way, and this individual distinctiveness should be honored.

William and Kate – Their Loveline Match

William may certainly one day be King of England, and Kate certainly has the numbers in her chart to be a king’s queen, but do the two of them blend well? Excellent relationships are based on the amount and combination of resonating energies (based on numbers as labels for energy fields) between two people. Just because the individuals in a relationship are wonderful people does not guarantee a wonderful, fulfilling, or meaningful relationship.

The essence of all great relationships is energetic resonance which is clearly delineated in the book, Your Love Numbers-Discovering the Secrets of Your Life, Loves, and Relationships available at If the energies (numbers) between two people resonate and harmonize, the relationship will be good. If the numbers do not resonate, the relationship will be challenged, to say the least. William and Kate have parted ways in their past, so what do their numbers say about their overall relationship compatibility? Do they each have the intrinsic energies to make each other happy? Furthermore, what will be the aftermath of the afterglow of their premarital romance?

The Loveline Match assesses the relationship between Prince William and Kate Middleton by juxtaposing their lovelines to determine the compatibility of each to the other. This is a simple but very effective relationship tool in their King’s Numerology relationship chart analysis.

William and Kate – Their Loveline Match

1. His Lifepath = 2; Her Lifepath = 3

2. His Expression = 9; Her Expression = 6

3. His PE = 2; Her PE = 9

4. His Soul = 8; Her Soul = 6

5. His Material Soul = 1; Her Material Soul = 9

6. His Nature = 1; Her Nature = 9

7. His Material Nature = 3; Her Material Nature = 3

8. His Voids = 0; Her Voids = 7

A cursory juxtaposition of William’s and Kate’s Lovelines reveals a good relationship match, especially given their projected roles. His 1-2-8-9 energy grouping is excellent for his future potentials. This 1-2-8-9 quatrain identifies leadership and action (1); partnership and teamwork (2); management and interconnection (8); rulership and the masses (9). It’s an excellent combination for anyone in a potential leadership or rulership position.

Kate’s Loveline of 3-6-9 is perfect for her playing the role of the faithful and devoted spouse. Her lack of 1s and 8s in her loveline signifies she has no real desires to lead or manage and will defer to her husband regarding those issues. Therefore, there would be no interference from her. Kate’s 6 energy will give a loving touch to the royal marriage and its home life. Common householders will appreciate her domestic qualities and personal touch. Of exceptional note is her abundance of 9 energy which suits her quite well to move among the masses and be the Princess of a Prince on the road to being a King.

Expression to PE – 9

When one person’s Expression (birth name) equals the partner’s PE (role in life), a very positive external connection is made. This is one of the ingredients of a successful marriage, partnership, or relationship. William’s 9 Expression and Kate’s 9 PE is a powerfully positive connection and bodes extremely well for the two of them. If he becomes King of England one day, his 9 Expression will suit his title well. If he does ascend to the English throne, her 9-the role of her life, will compliment him. This combination is perfect for a king and his queen.

Soul Release

Perhaps the most important and critical ingredient in a relationship is “Soul Release” which occurs when one person’s Soul or Material Soul number matches either their partner’s Expression (preferred), Lifepath or PE. Kate’s 9 Material Soul matches William’s 9 Expression. This is also an excellent numeric correspondence and bodes well for the marriage.

William and Kate’s Loveline Mix

When two colors are mixed, a new color is created. When two people create a relationship, that relationship becomes an entity unto itself and generates its own energy and life. Therefore, when assessing the success of a relationship, three entities must be considered: Person A, Person B, and the Relationship itself (C), the numbers of which comprise the Relationship Mix. Following is the Relationship Loveline Mix of William and Kate.

1. His Lifepath = 2; Her Lifepath = 3; Their Relationship Mix Lifepath = 5

2. His Expression = 9; Her Expression = 6; Their Relationship Mix Expression = 6

3. His PE = 2; Her PE = 9; Their Relationship Mix Performance/Experience = 2

4. His Soul = 8; Her Soul = 6; Their Relationship Mix Soul = 5

5. His Material Soul = 1; Her Material Soul = 9; Their Relationship Mix Soul = 1

6. His Nature = 1; Her Nature = 9; Their Relationship Mix Nature = 1

7. His Material Nature = 3; Her Material Nature = 3; Their Relationship Mix MN = 6

8. His Voids = 0; Her Voids = 7; Her 7 Void is met through him.

Marriage Resonance

The more numerical association of each person’s numbers to the Mix, the more “resonant glue” there is. The more glue there is, the more solid and secure the relationship. The inverse is also true. The less resonant glue, the less security and strength.

There are some very corroborative elements in the Loveline Mix of William and Kate.

Mix 6 Expression and Material Nature

When William’s 9 Expression is added to Kate’s 6 Expression, the Mix is a 6 (9 + 6 = 15; 1 + 5 = 6). As discussed, 6 is the number of personal love, family, the heart, hearth, and community. This 6 Mix between William and Kate is an indication of personal love and family. This will balance him because he has no 6s in his chart, and it will give her 6 Soul a second release to strengthen her 9 Soul Release through his Expression. This is a very positive sign for the two of them and their relationship.

Because both William and Kate have a 3 Material Nature, their Mix Material Nature is a 6, another excellent sign of personal love and family. Again, Kate will appreciate this 6 energy, harmonize with it, and embrace it. Without question, she’s bringing the love and family energy to the marriage.

Mix 1 Material Soul and Nature

The number 1 governs independence. Because William and Kate’s Mix Material Soul is a 1, as is their Mix Nature, there will be a sense of independence in their marriage. He will have his duties; she hers. However, he will resonate more with this 1 in the Mix because his Material Soul and Nature are both 1s. Kate has no 1s in her chart so she may be challenged to understand this independent aspect of their marriage.

Mix 2 PE

Perhaps the only number referencing any potential tension in the marriage of William and Kate is the 2 in their Mix PE. In its highest octave, the number 2 rules peace, harmony, balance, togetherness. However, its flip side reflects dis-ease, competition, confliction, friction, adversity, imbalance, inharmony, division, and war. Because the 2 is in their Mix PE, William and Kate will be wise to seek balance, harmony, and understanding of their different roles in life. If they, or any couple, would take the time to understand the other person’s numbers and what they represent, any relationship would be benefited.

This said, William has a 2 Lifepath and a 2 PE so the positive side of the 2 issue is that William will resonate with their 2 Mix PE. After all, it is his role in life as well as governing his life’s lessons. His mother, Princess Diana, also had a 2 PE. However, unlike William, she had a 7 Lifepath, arguably the most difficult Lifepath of the nine basic numbers.

Mix 5 Lifepath and Soul

The number 5 in numerology rules change, freedom, variety, diversity, detachment, movement, motion, loss, adventure, experience, and the five senses. As humans, we all have the number 5 in common more than any other number-five fingers on each hand, five toes on each foot, five basic senses, thirty-two teeth, five rings on the Olympic flag and 365 days in a year (365 is a 5 in reduction). Basically, having 5 in the Mix Lifepath reveals a life together that is varied, diverse, and constantly in motion. The bottom line is that their life together will be anything but boring and static.

The Lack of 7 in the Mix

One of the most critical aspects of the Mix between William and Kate is what is not showing, not present. When the number 7 appears in the Mix, it can be problematic, creating havoc and chaos. Not having a 7 in the Mix is a good thing and bodes well for the stability and harmony of the royal marriage.

The Royal Marriage Date and Lifepath

The last thing to be discussed is the marriage date of William and Kate – 29 April 2011 at 11:00am.

As individual people have a lifepath determined by their birth date, so a marriage also has a lifepath determined by the wedding date, and the proposed wedding date for William and Kate carries messages.

The number 29 references “power and rulership in relationship.” When the 2 is added to the 9, an 11 is the result. This is called the addcap in the King’s Numerology. It represents those things which are openly apparent. The 11 addcap is a number of extreme energy, tension, competition, division, and conflict. In its highest octave it represents peace and balance. When the 2 is subtracted from the 9, the result is a 7. This is called the subcap. It represents challenges or those things that are personally private. The 7 in a subcap position references spiritual testing, reclusion, examination, isolation, concern, and potential chaos through trouble and possible betrayal.

The 29 is an excellent number for competitors and people who have a desire to dominate others. It is not a number of love, warmth, and personal compassion. It is a number of power, and no two digit number portends more tension and potential conflict between people, entities, and ideologies than the 29-11-2, which can also manifest as the treacheries and deceits of others. It’s the same energy as 11 September (11, a 2 in reduction and 9, the month), or as it is referred to in the United States, 911, and we all know what happened in 2001 on 911, i.e. 11 September 2001 – the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City. In fact, many battles and conflicts in history have been fought within the context of this 2 and 9 energy.

The marriage date of William and Kate has a quadstack of 11 energy – 29 calendar day reduced to an 11, the wedding year of 2011, the wedding hour of 11:00am, and Kate’s age, 29, an 11 in reduction. For the record, this 29 energetic influence on the day of their wedding will last, in numerological terms, for over twenty years, creating a rather long period of relationship power issues and intensity.

In the King’s Numerology system, the day of birth of an entity-in this case the day of the wedding, i.e. the marriage birth, the 29th, is referred to as the 1st Epoch. The month of birth (in this case April) is the 2nd Epoch, and the year of birth (in this case 2011) is the 3rd Epoch.

How will this 29 energy of the wedding date affect William? It will be interesting to see how it manifests throughout the coming years. He does have a 2 LP and PE, and there is a 2 in the Mix PE, so will there be tension or harmony? Perhaps a little of both? When this 2 is added to William’s 9 Expression, the outcome is also a 2. This has great potential for a positive relationship, but the underlying tension is always present with the 2. Balance, harmony, and togetherness are the keys whenever the 2 energy is present in a chart.

For Kate, when the 2 addcap energy of the 29 is added to her 6 Expression, the outcome is an 8, the number of social power, interaction, involvement, status, comfort, and worldly success. This is a good thing for her. Therefore, the 29th as a marriage day is a positive date for Kate.

When the day, month, and year of the wedding date are added together and reduced, the result is a 1 (2 + 9 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 1 = 19; 1 + 9 = 10; 1 + 0 = 1). Therefore, the Lifepath of the marriage between William and Kate is a 1-the energy of independence, leadership, action, and individuality. This will resonate with William’s Material Soul and Nature, as well as the Mix Material Soul and Mix Nature.

This 1 added to William’s 9 Expression creates a 1, the energy of independence and leadership. Because his Material Soul and Nature are both 1s, he will resonate with the Marriage Lifepath. However, it’s different for Kate. When the 1 Lifepath of the marriage is added to her 6 Expression, the result is a 7, the number of isolation and reclusion. Therefore, there is a good chance that at some time in the marriage Kate will feel quite isolated, perhaps even lonely. Because she has a 7 void in her chart, this could be one area of concern. Having a close personal support group around her would be of great value to her peace of mind. No two numbers together can generate more loneliness and separation than the numbers 1 and 7 in combination.


The marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton offers many positive aspects for creating an enduring marriage-one which will be good for them and for England. Based on his King’s Numerology chart, there is an excellent chance William will, in fact, be King of England one day. Kate would be a worthy princess to a king. Her numbers are excellent to the challenges befitting a monarch’s wife. She can certainly handle the pressure, and in many ways thrives on it. The only issue of concern is her 7 void and the possibility of the isolation and solitude it creates. After all, being the wife of a king can be a very lonely… but still regal… road.

Will the marriage of William and Kate be perfect? Is any marriage perfect? There are some very positive aspects to their relationship, but there are some potential issues which may create some concern. However, overall their marriage should fair well. William has the numbers to be King and Kate certainly has the numbers to be a king’s queen. We wish them well.


Copyright 2011 Richard Andrew King