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Utilizing Offline Marketing Strategies For Online Business Growth

Utilizing Offline Marketing Strategies For Online Business Growth

Because relatively speaking it is easy to start and operate a web based business many of their owners totally neglect any non Internet based marketing mediums. Of course adding some offline marketing strategies to an already successful online marketing campaign can do wonders for your business. In fact we would go so far to say that if you are not currently utilizing offline marketing methods then you should be looking into it. With a little bit of creative thinking, well placed confidence and appropriately placed promotional items you can effectively promote yourself in a national way.

Two Recommended Offline Strategies

The strategies we list below can be used as an effective way to incorporate offline marketing into your overall marketing plan. Implementing these will lead to an increase in exposure and possibly sales! Let’s get to it.

Off Line Strategy #1 – Host Seminars
Of course to do this you need to consider a few things. Are you good at what you do? This means good enough to educate? And are you passionate about what you do? With these two elements you can create an increased awareness to what you do in the public eye by educating others on the unknown secrets of your industry.

Seminar Examples
Maybe you are an excellent copywriter? Perhaps you have mastered a way to be a consistent affiliate sales leader? Are you adapt at creating graphics for the web for web-sites,logos or etc?

I think from the above list you can easily get the point of what I am trying to communicate. Each of the things in the above list are assets that can be taught to those seeking to learn. It’s really just a matter of making sure there is a market for your information and of course the perceived value of learning it.

The perceived value will determine what you can generally charge for seminar admission. In most cases you will find this being anywhere from $20 to $2,000 or more. However, for our purposes and taking into account that this is your first seminar we will look to make it free or very low cost.

The Process
By creating a no-cost or low-cost seminar you can attract a lot more attendees while of course establishing yourself as the expert. Of course you should also make sure you have a plan in place to gather email and/or other contact information. The general idea would be to add them to a newsletter and/or info course. In both cases they should become part of your marketing funnel and eventually get a chance to become a customer.

Off Line Strategy #2 – Promotional Items
When you think of this strategy we want you thinking business card. Just in this case it may have a very different shape and size. I mean if you think about it anything that has your company’s contact information on it would qualify as a business card right? Some of the more common used items for this type of promotion are mouse pads, pens, coffee travel mugs and bumper stickers. Keep in mind your target demographic and try to use items that would appeal to them.

By just adding these two offline strategies to an already successful marketing plan you can extend the reach and scope of your marketing efforts. This two prong approach can easily increase your exposure and eventually lead to more sales. With a little creative thinking you can make more impact by using offline and online marketing.